Dan Deacon – Tickets – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC – November 17th, 2012

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon

Height With Friends, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Alan Resnick

Sat 11/17/12

8:00 pm


Dan Deacon - (Set time: 10:50 PM)
Dan Deacon

(Photo credit: Frank Hamilton)

I never felt American until I left the United States. In 2007 I went to Europe for the first time to tour in support of Spiderman of the Rings. At the time I, like many other young Americans, didn’t identify as “American.” The United States was an evil, Earth-destroying monster of war, corporate greed and bigotry. I had been touring for years in the DIY scene, trying to live apart from consumer culture, feeling detached from what I thought of as the American lifestyle. But when I left for Europe, I was slammed into reality. Never before had I felt so much like an outsider. I was alone in foreign lands with no friends. While it was a beautiful experience and a great tour, I realized that no matter which subculture I chose to identify or what kind of lifestyle I led I would always be American. Nothing could ever change that. As simple as that idea seems, it was a massive shift in consciousness for me.

When I was writing Bromst, I wanted a title with no pre-existing meaning, something free of any prior associations. For this album, I wanted the exact opposite. America is a word with an infinite range of connotations, both positive and negative. Even its literal definition is open to discussion. In using it as the title of the album, in a small way, I‘m contributing to the discussion. To me, the underground DIY and wilderness are just as American as their evil brethren, corporatism and environmental destruction. It‘s that juxtaposition of fundamentally opposed ideologies that makes up the American landscape.

Compositionally, America is layering of dichotomies: light and dark, acoustic and synthetic, celebration and contemplation. The result can be heard as simple or complex depending on how one listens to it. The music is rooted in triadic harmony set to a fixed pulse while the individual lines are complex, phasing layers of sound. The outcomes are dense asymmetrically rhythmic phrases of textured patterns framed as pop songs.

The inspiration for the music was my love of cross-country travel, seeing the landscapes of the United States, going from east to west and back again over the course of seasons. The lyrics are inspired by my frustration, fear and anger towards the country and world I live in and am a part of. As I came closer to finishing the album these themes began to show themselves more frequently and greater clarity. There seemed no better world to encapsulate both inspirations than the simple beauty found in the word America.

-Dan Deacon
Height With Friends - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Height With Friends
I've been recording and performing as Height since 1998. I added the 'with friends' in 2008 and made it more of a band, and less like a rapper with an anonymous crew. The cast is constantly revolving. At the moment, we are performing as a five-piece band with live instruments.

We've released thirteen albums and EP's. Wham City, Friends, Grand Man, Dogg Pony, Aural States and Snowghost Records have all put out our music.

We've played over 500 shows in the US, Canada and Europe. We have toured with Future Islands, Dan Deacon, Beach House, Jana Hunter, Grand Buffet, Adventure, Cex, The Death Set, and Oxes as well as many equally good, but yet lesser known acts.

We tend to keep all the writing and production in-house, but we've also been fortunate to collaborate with artists like Tobacco and Wye Oak.

The music of Height has changed drastically over the years, and it will continue to evolve. The goal is always to make understated, moving music from the heart. We are currently putting the finishing touches on a new full length, due out this summer.
Chester Endersby Gwazda - (Set time: 9:30 PM)
Chester Endersby Gwazda
I'm a freelance producer/engineer living in Baltimore.

Shroud is my own music, and I'm very excited to be sharing it with people!

Here's a short selection of projects I've produced:
Dan Deacon "Bromst"
Future Islands "On the Water"
Cloud Nothings "Cloud Nothings"
Ecstatic Sunshine "Way"
Air Waves "Air Waves EP"
Future Islands "In Evening Air"
Lonnie Walker "These Times Old Times"
Junk Culture "Hang Roxy" (mixed)
Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Jazz Mind" (mixed)
New Dan Deacon LP, out fall 2012!

Also, I play synth in Nuclear Power Pants and the Dan Deacon Ensemble.

Thank you very very much for listening!
Alan Resnick - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Alan Resnick
Alan Resnick is a visual artist obsessed with his own face. Since 2009 he has been working towards the creation of a lifelike digital backup. This avatar is being designed to fill the role of Alan to family and friends in the event of his death. Alan has also gives"neat" lectures about the importance of digitizing the self and DIY virtual reality technology. After receiving his BFA from SUNY Purchase he started collaborating with the Wham City collective. He exaggerates his own self worth or importance, often in an overbearing manner.
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001