Action Item – Tickets – U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC – January 8th, 2013

Action Item

9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall. - Early Show

Action Item

Before You Exit, Paradise Fears, Hello Highway, The Atlantic Light

Tue 1/8/13

6:00 pm


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This event is all ages

Action Item - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Action Item
"Action Item is a band about moments." These are the first words you will read in the band's recent announcement of their documentary screenings of Until It's Over. You can ask any of their undying fans and they will tell you, Action Item is unlike any other band. From their creativity, to their passion, to their never ending hard work, these New Jersey natives plan on breaking the mold.
From the start, this five piece powerhouse has never played it safe. "We always try to top our past ideas when we market our band," explains keyboard player Mark Shami. "An independent band creating a documentary & screening it across the country was just that. Not to mention we have sold out almost every date." But this is only the latest idea that has been wildly successful for the young pop act.
Action Item has been touring the last two years in support of their first EP, "The Stronger The Love," an album that has sold over 22,000 copies independently. In that time these early twenty-somethings have been direct support for Hot Chelle Rae, Andy Grammer, & Allstar Weekend. Along with having support slots for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Boys Like Girls under their belt. On top of that, the band has had 3 singles in Radio Disney's Top 30 Countdown including "Learn To Fly" a track produced by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. "Working with Nick was incredibly surreal because when someone of that stature has faith in you," bassist, David Buczkowski describes "It reaffirms that you're on the right path."
Right now, the boys are putting the finishing touches on their new EP, due out this Fall. Contracting A-List producers & co-writers, the sky is the limit for them. "This album is going to show exactly where we are as a band, musically and personally," says singer Brian Cag. "I think there is a song for everyone on this record. Our personalities really shine through every track and we couldn't be more proud of it."
Last Day of Summer, the lead single, is bursting with breath taking nostalgia, an undeniable hook & monstrous production. "No matter how old you are, you can't help but have flashbacks of the summer days that you want to relive over & over," drummer Dan Brozek proclaims with a smile.
It's unquestionable that Action Item has already accomplished more than most bands, but this is only the start. "If it's out there & you want it, you need to make it happen for yourself," states songwriter/guitarist Anthony Li. "Every single day, we wake up & think, 'How can we expand our fanbase today?' 'How can we accomplish more than we did yesterday?' 'How can we make our fans, family & friends proud today?'" It's hard not to root for a band with so much heart.
Before You Exit - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Before You Exit

Very rarely do a group of young musicians come together as effortlessly as Before You Exit, but when a couple of kids have a united goal of making music everyone can fall in love with - it seems meant to be. But don’t let their easy formation fool you; these guys have been planning their musical domination since their days on the playground.

Before You Exit, made up of brothers Connor McDonough (vocals/guitar), Riley McDonough (vocals/bass), Thomas Silvers (drums/backing vocals), Braiden Wood (guitar/backing vocals) were playing instruments at ages other kids were beginning to learn how to add and subtract.

They all had their eye set on music; it was just a matter of time before they crossed paths. By the time they were in middle school, fate had led them to be friends, who all had one thing in common- they wanted to start a band. Before You Exit was born and the opportunities came pouring in.

“Being in a band with your best friends comes with endless possibilities,” says Connor McDonough, “and partaking in this journey is something we all are incredibly excited to experience.”

An experience is nothing short of what Before You Exit has had since their start. With the recording of two EP’s under their belt, a brand new album in the works, and touring with acts like All Time Low, Before You Exit is on quite the journey.

After releasing their latest EP “Letting Go,” Before You Exit began to go viral, which ultimately landed them a spot on the All Time Low and A Rocket To The Moon tour- all while still being in high school. The release of “Letting Go” and their first supporting tour proved to be a mile stone in the band’s career.

“Both of those bands have become like older brothers to us and showed us the ropes to touring and have helped us out with our music. It is a memory we can never forget,” states Riley McDonough.

Before You Exit’s friendships continued when both lead singer Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and lead singer Nick Santino of Rocket To The Moon agreed to help the band on the recording of their newest album, to be released in Spring 2012. With help from the pop rock veterans, the CD will be taking a new direction- one that focuses much more on radio friendly pop.

Working with other big league producers on their latest venture such as Dan Book and Alexei Misoul (Hot Chelle Rae), Bobby Huff, and Robert Ellis Orall (Taylor Swift), the band is ready to release their debut album.

The band couldn’t be more excited about what 2012 has in store for them, and reminiscing on how fast they grew in the past year. Who the band says they have to thank for all their success? Their fans. Before You Exit will never forget the fact that where they are today and where they are headed, is in large part thanks to the people that support them.

“We love our fans and appreciate everything that they do for us. There is absolutely no way that we would be where we are without them. Their support is no doubt the driving force behind this band,” exclaims drummer, Thomas Silvers.

With their driving force in tow, Before You Exit is on the fast track to an extremely busy new year and shows no signs of slowing down. With another supporting act on a two month long tour starting in January and recording their new album, this band proves that hard work and loving what you do can get you exactly where you want to be.

“The most important thing to us is to see our music reach every single person that it can,” says Connor. “Experiencing someone enjoying a work of art that you as a band have created from scratch is such an overwhelming feeling. We want to tour and play our music for the world.”

Before You Exit’s debut album will be released in Spring of 2012 and they just finished supporting Allstar Weekend on tour in Winter of 2012.

For a listing of tour dates and more information, please visit:
Paradise Fears - (Set time: 7:35 PM)
Paradise Fears
June 14, 2010 was a big day for six high school/ college students in Vermillion, South Dakota.

June 14, 2011 will be a bigger day.

On the former, they decided to put off the next year of college, giving themselves 365 days to make a career out of rock n' roll.

On the latter, Paradise Fears will release "Yours Truly," their debut full-length album, as one of the most potent and rapidly-growing young pop rock acts in the country.

In July 2010, just months after the majority of the band's high school graduation, they released Make Them Believe EP, produced by Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Sing it Loud). In just 8 months, the album has sold several thousand copies nation-wide, and the band's career has taken off. They've completed nation-wide tours with Quietdrive and Floral Terrace across 32 different states, and have shared the stage with acts like Stereo Skyline, The Audition, and You, Me, and Everyone We Know.

Coming from a town of 3,000 year round residents in a state noted for its lack of a music scene, nothing has come easy. But these six kids grew up fast. "It's been an entirely self taught process...with a very steep learning curve. We've had to teach ourselves how to promote, how to book shows, how to tour, how to record, everything…but it gives us a very unique approach, because in our area, what we're doing is so unprecedented that we haven't fallen victim the generic, cookie-cutter career path, and instead we've received a tremendous amount of support from our home town." explained lead singer Sam Miller.

Though they may be young, Paradise Fears has several things going for them:

First, an incredibly energetic and engaging live show that can win over even the most uninterested bystander, described by one Battle of the Bands judge as "N'Sync meets a UFC cage match." They were crowned champions of a 65-band, Midwest-wide Battle of the Bands in October, sponsored by Rawkzilla magazine, scoring them $14,000 in endorsements, equipment, and cash. Their performance, described by Paul Pederson (Prince, Steve Miller band), was "absolutely spectacular, one in a million, and completely breath-taking."

Second, an arsenal of infectiously catchy and musically developed rock-pop songs, some of which received airplay on top 40 radio stations throughout the Midwest. David Hooper of Music Business Radio described Make Them Believe as "catchy and remarkably polished, particularly given the age [of the members.]"

Third, an incredibly loyal internet following of all different ages. In just 8 months, their Facebook, Twitter, and social networking profiles have acquired tens of thousands of fans/ followers, and are still rapidly expanding by hundreds daily. "One of the best parts about our style of music has always been that it's not limited - it's the kind of music that someone can appreciate with their 12-year-old sister or their 70-year-old grandmother," said keyboard-player Michael Walker.

Finally, and most importantly, an insatiable drive for success. Paradise Fears is constantly touring or recording, and when they aren't, they're exploring new and creative ways of expanding their fan base. Most recently, the band split into three teams, racing around the country following large tours in a competition to meet the most potential listeners. 50,000 miles, 10,000 demos, and 5,000 CDs later, their "Amazing Race" has created both hundreds of fans and a Paradise Fears buzz in every major market in the United States.

The large-scale release of a full-length album will be a huge step forward in the band's career. Recording time for "Yours Truly" was split between Schmidt and Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (Mayday Parade, Cartel). It will feature 11 new songs, tremendously evolved in music and lyrics. "It's a new found maturity for us...these songs are real. We wrote songs about people we love, songs about people we hate, songs that tell stories…it's an album full of songs we really love," described guitarist Cole Andre.

But why so independent? Says Miller, "That's the way we want to do it, and the dream we've always envisioned. We're financing it, we're writing it, we're releasing it, we're promoting it. It started out as just the six of us, and come good or come bad, we've still always got that. We're committed to being able to make it ourselves."
Hello Highway - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Hello Highway
Hello Highway is the Southern California piano rock project of Daniel Sumstine. Through his sincere lyrics and piano driven melodies, Daniel aims for a passionate pop/rock sound.

His new EP "Timeless" was produced in Atlanta, Georgia by Kenneth Mount and Zack Odom (All Time Low, The Ready Set, Mayday Parade) The EP debuted at #130 on the iTunes Alternative charts and has been gathering worldwide
attention ever since.

The single off the album titled "Hope in Tomorrow" was written with one thing in mind; to inspire Hello Highway's fan base, and all people, to never give up. He aims to uplift and inspire through his music.

"When people listen to my songs, I want them to feel hope. I want them to feel like they should never give up doing what truly makes them happy," said Sumstine. "For me, that's music."

Hello Highway has found success in an entirely independent way. From following major pop rock tours and selling his EP in line, to booking house shows as a source of touring, Hello Highway has already developed a loyal following. The Hello Highway family, as he calls it, is growing with every city he travels to. This work ethic and drive recently landed him a tour with fellow pop rock act Paradise Fears.

Stay on the lookout for Hello Highway because 2012 will without a doubt be a breakthrough year for him.

For more on Hello Highway, please visit the following links:
The Atlantic Light - (Set time: 6:20 PM)
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U Street Music Hall
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