Presidents of the United States of America – Tickets – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC – April 16th, 2013

Presidents of the United States of America

Presidents of the United States of America

Eternal Summers, You Scream I Scream

Tue 4/16/13

7:00 pm

performing their classic self-titled album

Presidents of the United States of America - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Presidents of the United States of America

Since 1994, Seattle’s Presidents of the United States of America has spread their skewed and joyous brand of pop to audiences the world over. On the heels of their 20th anniversary, PUSA surprise fans with Kudos To You, their 7th full length studio album available through Burnside distribution on February 18th and currently available for pre-order through their ongoing PledgeMusic Campaign . Every person to pledge will also receive a live album Thanks for the Feedback: PUSAFest ’11 Live.

PUSA has no idea where this album came from. Drummer Jason Finn opines, “we’re full-time part-timers now, and since 2009 or so have been enjoying a relaxed and limited touring schedule combined with liberal hammock time. Hammock time is the best!” When the trio booked two days with their longtime producer and FOH engineer Martin Feveyear last October, “We definitely considered ourselves post album in the sense that we weren’t interested in pushing something out there for ‘business-y’ reasons. We don’t have the time to do a whole release-promote-tour-the-planet routine. It’s our comfy little 20-ish dates a year schedule which keeps us loving what we do!”

So into the studio they went…with no expectations, and no material other than Singer Chris Ballew’s notebook. Whoops! Things got out of hand, and a month later Kudos To You was tracked, necessitating changing their annual PUSAFEST shows in Portland and Seattle to record-release shows. Finn: “We’re lucky it’s the best time EVER for connecting directly to fans, and we have very, very cool fans all over. We’re using Pledgemusic to get them involved in the process, and I hope to get a copy into the hands or hard drives of all of them in the next couple months!”

Kudos To You is a happy mix of old, new, and brand spanking new, that should hit right at the soft tissue of PUSA fans old and new. “Ok, mostly old,” muses Finn, “but still it’s a fun listen and should eventually be purchased by everyone on the planet!”
Eternal Summers - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Eternal Summers
Virginia based duo Eternal Summers has collected all their early EP, 7 inch, and cover recordings to put forth one reissue under the name The Dawn of Eternal Summers to be released on Record Store Day (April 21st) via Kanine Records.

For the first time these twelve tracks will be released in digital format and available on all digital services. If you crave the physical product, colored vinyl with download code, head on down to your local shop on April 21st to snag a limited edition. The B side contains three cover songs not available on the digital version: Into Your Arms (as made famous by the Lemonheads), A Salty Salute (Guided by Voices) and Down to the Wire (Neil Young).

Roanoke, VA based duo, Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff received early praise from Pitchfork, Fader and Gorilla Vs Bear. And in the fall of 2010, Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff released their debut album Silver via Brooklyn based indie Kanine and followed up with the Prisoner EP (Forest Family/Kanine) in the spring of 2011. While consistently releasing music gaining praise from Spin, Filter, Under the Radar and more, Eternal Summers also completed several US tours with the likes of The Beets, The Raveonettes, and Reading Rainbow building their name the old fashioned way. These tours allowed them to play around with the idea of adding a bassist, having tried out several on the road.

Having found the right fit with bassist Jonathan Woods, Eternal Summers, now officially a trio, used the second half of 2011 to record their sophomore LP. Recorded at home in the Mystic Fortress, but for the first time allowing input from outside their inner circle, Correct Behavior was mixed by Sune Rose Wagner (The Ravonettes) and Alonzo Vargas. The album is a sonic leap forward, and it is being readied for release in June with further details to be announced shortly.
You Scream I Scream - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
You Scream I Scream
You Scream I Scream (Connecticut/Nantucket/NYC) is at its core a three-piece band with distorted bass guitar and vocals (Floyd Kellogg), Rhodes and synth (Jake Vohs) and floor tom-driven drums and big cymbals (Audrey Sterk). The music's unique fingerprint is part Talking Heads in its beats and the lyrics' sometimes dark playfulness, and Floyd's vocal stylings—baritone singing and yelling contrasted with "bitchy girl" backing vocals—and stripped-down instrumentation can be reminiscent of Morphine or Soul Coughing. Bug in a Light, the band's debut album, led to performance opportunities such as at Hip Video's CMJ Showcase at Maxwell's in Hoboken, WBRU's annual rock showcase at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence and shows at historic venues such as TT the Bear's in Boston and the Knitting Factory in NYC. Several catchy music videos shot by Brendan "Spookie" Daly in Hartford and on Nantucket, landed spots on MuchMusic's "The Wedge," MTV, New York Noise and You Scream I Scream's second LP, Zookeeper, released in October 2012, was recorded in Hartford and mixed in St. Louis by Floyd with fellow producer Carl Nappa. When not busy designing and painting murals everywhere and recording/producing fellow bands (such as NYC's Steel Phantoms and The Sweet Ones) at their studio in Connecticut, You Scream I Scream plays high-energy, loud, electro-grunge shows around New England and New York.
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001