Cowboy Mouth

Cowboy Mouth

Dingleberry Dynasty

Thu, March 17

Doors: 7:00 pm


Cowboy Mouth - (Set time: 9:30 PM)

For over two decades, Cowboy Mouth has dished up its unique style of rock & roll gumbo, mixing a rowdy spirit reflective of the band's hometown -- New Orleans -- with the fierce firepower of a group that lives on the road. These Louisiana natives have played more than 2,500 concerts and launched their signature song, "Jenny Says,” into the upper half of the Billboard rock charts. Above all else, they earned a well-deserved rep as a raucous, redemptive, live music experience.

Formed during the glory days of grunge music, Cowboy Mouth forged a different sound from the very start. It’s a sound rooted in rock, punk, blues, and the attitude of the Big Easy, a town known for its week-long parties and swampy, southern vibe. Bandleader Fred LeBlanc, who'd previously sharpened his teeth with the punk band Dash Rip Rock, pulls double-duty as the group's frontman and drummer, leading the charge with his larger-than-life personality and percussive attack. During the band’s early days, record companies warned him against singing and drumming at the same time, claiming that audiences would never go for it... but by the mid-'90s, those same record companies were clamoring to sign the band to a major-label deal.

In other words, in a decade filled with angsty alt-rock, Cowboy Mouth stood out for all the right reasons.

The band released its original music with MCA Records, then Atlantic Records. Once the 2000s kicked into gear, the band released music on its own label, cutting out the middleman and focusing on the biggest thing that's kept Cowboy Mouth afloat since 1990: the audience.

"Cowboy Mouth isn't so much about the people onstage as it is about the feeling in the crowd," says LeBlanc.

The people onstage certainly help, though. Since the band’s inception, LeBlanc has shared that stage with guitarist John Thomas Griffith. Now backed by bandmates Matt Jones on guitar and Brian Broussard on bass, LeBlanc and Griffith have led Cowboy Mouth on a wild, critically-acclaimed ride, selling more than 500,000 albums domestically, playing shows with artists like Bo Diddley (whose bluesy, beat-driven music has always been a big influence on Cowboy Mouth's own sound), and performing in front of more than 9 million fans.

Go!, the band's newest album, is proof that Cowboy Mouth hasn't lost its bite. It's the most collaborative album of the group's career, performed with ferocity by a group of rock & roll veterans who've been there, done that... and can't wait to do it all again. "I'm just a little older, but I ain't dead yet!" LeBlanc sings during the very first song, kicking off a record that's steeped in the ageless energy of the band's live shows.

Cowboy Mouth’s music lives in concert with its loyal fans! Fred’s raw and engaging performance style has played ring leader to the audience for decades.

"Our shows are celebratory, life-affirming experiences," LeBlanc says proudly. "With every show, no matter where it is, we try to turn it into New Orleans during the middle of Mardi Gras. It's an unique live concert experience. It's like a southern gospel revival without the religion."

Over the years, an estimated 9 million people would agree. We hope to see you all out on the road!
Dingleberry Dynasty - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Dingleberry Dynasty

Established in 96 Dingleberry Dynasty has be shocking and rocking audiences ever since and continues to have success today.
In its inception, Dingleberry is a ménage a tois of Sex Pistols, Frank Zappa & Rocky Horror Picture Show. The band’s live show has evolved into a unique experience due to each member’s ability to weave comedy throughout their lyrics and get the crowd involved in their outrageous antics.
Through the years, their songs have been featured in movie soundtracks and they’ve played an uncountable number of shows and festivals, opening for acts such as , Vanilla Ice, Steel Panther, Agent Orange,Train wreck (Kyle Gass Tenacious D)The Dead Milkmen,, Marc Rebillet Angelo Moore (Fishbone),Richard Cheese,Tupper Ware Remix Party ,Electric Six and Corey Feldman to name a few.
DD also wrote and performed a critically acclaimed rock opera, “Jody,” which had a Successful 13 show run in and around the greater Baltimore area.
4 albums deep, Dingleberry is still going strong today and in the process of recording their 5th studio album “Shit Show”. The combo of unmatchable live energy and improv make their live shows unique and surely not to be missed!
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001