Drop Electric & Tone

Drop Electric & Tone

The Sea Life, Janel & Anthony

Sat, July 30

Doors: 8:00 pm


Drop Electric - (Set time: 11:15 PM)

Based in a city known for stagnant bureaucracies and business as usual, Drop Electric tells a
different story about the nation's capital. The band's sound is a manic barrage of soaring vocals,
heavy guitars, atmospheric textures, and thunderous percussion, born in the
the band members shared experiences as the children of immigrants.

Drop Electric's debut album, "Finding Color in the Ashes" was self­ released in December 2010.
Exploring a dark post­rock sound reminiscent of Mogwai and Mono. It was met with a positive response from critics, The Washington Post calling it a "rumbling, expansive sound." The album helped the band break through in the Washington DC music scene.

In the following years, they transformed their sound with the addition of a vocalist, Kristina
Reznikov. They introduced their new sound via an online only EP ("Drop Electric Sampler
Platter"), which featured the song "Empire Trashed". This song was featured on NPR's "All
Songs Considered", after the show's host, Bob Boilen, caught one of their shows at the Black
Cat in Washington DC. Describing the band's sound as "epic", the podcast helped to drive
interest in the band outside of their hometown.

The band eventually signed with Lefse Records/Fat Possum to release their follow­up album in 2013.

Following a week-long premiere on Pandora Premieres, the band released, "Waking up to the
Fire" on Lefse Records in October 2013 to critical praise. Since the release of the album, the band has played extensively around the mid­ Atlantic, including the CMJ Festival in 2014, All Good Festival in 2015, and headlining a sold out show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC and the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

The band also found success in licensing with “Santo Domingo” being featured in the theatrical
IMAX trailer for Warner Brothers blockbuster, 300: Rise of an Empire and “Blue Dream” being
licensed for commercials by H&M, Maybeline, and fashion website Refinery 29.

The 2015 album, "Lost in Decay" was released via Waaga Records in the US and Rallye Label in Japan. Completed before the departure of former singer Kristina Reznikov in 2014, it was a return to the post­ rock, guitar­ based sound of their previous releases.

In 2016, Drop Electric plans to release its fourth album with new members Anya Mizani and Steve Smith.
Tone - (Set time: 10:00 PM)

[featuring video artist Brandon Morse ]

D.C. Instrumental Post-Rock Powerhouse Tone Celebrates Silver Jubilee with Album Seven
Few instrumental bands loom as large as Washington, D.C.’s Tone. Anchored by drummer Gregg Hudson and guitarist Norm Veenstra, its lineup of burly dudes always brews an impressive bombast; music that’s mammoth and masculine. Their heavy rock pulse is righteous in a dark club, but also nimble enough to fuel dance performance on the Kennedy Center stage. The group is consistently versatile; it’s music persistently vital. Atmosphere and apex—key post-rock requirements—are ever-present, naturally. But Tone also offers something seemingly novel for the genre: real songs.
Tone also has proven itself an enduring underdog among its hometown pack of storied punks, many of whom have filtered through the group’s ranks over the years. The band at one time or another has included members of Government Issue, Teen Idles, Unrest, Edsel, Pitchblende, and Thud, just to name a few.
Initially a shimmering “guitar ensemble” with a Glenn Branca bent, the band has since scaled back its six-string staff by half, finding itself leaner and meaner as a rock quintet. “During the process we discovered our writing style was becoming more collaborative and enjoyable,” says Hudson. “Right now we have a huge amount of confidence in what we’re doing and there’s a lot more we want to achieve,” he adds.
Tone’s seventh album, Antares, finds the group fit for duty 25 years after it first formed. Tone’s core on the new album is rounded out by 20+ year veteran Jim Williamson (guitar), and newcomers Charles Andrews (bass) and Gustavo Vargas (guitar). Three superstar producers—Converge’s Kurt Ballou, Will Benoit of Constants, and J. Robbins from Jawbox—were enlisted to oversee recent studio sessions. “Each of them continue to amaze and inspire us with how they capture a band’s energy and personality,” says Hudson of the sound-tech trio.
And what does the group make of its quarter-century legacy? Veenstra chalks it up to “high degrees of prioritization and perseverance, and certainly some luck and support” from friends and collaborators. “Beyond having the privilege of making and performing our pieces, it’s been awesome to be a part of the expansion of the style, the growing legions of speechless bands.”
Antares, a co-release between Dischord and Tone’s proprietary imprint, TminusOneMusic, is out July 2016.
Previous albums by Tone include:
Priorities - 2012 (The Kora Records)
Solidarity - 2006 (Neurot Recordings)
Ambient Metals - 2003 (Dischord)
Structure - 2000 (Dischord)
Sustain - 1996 (Independent Project Records)
Build - 1994 (Independent Project Records)
The Sea Life - (Set time: 9:15 PM)

Contrary to what the schemers in Silicon Valley say, navigating life in the 21st century is no easy feat. Sure, you can have someone come to your home and do your laundry or deliver a burrito or smoke you up at the touch of a button, but the hidden costs come in the form of general anxiety and implacable angst. The Sea Life know that imbalance all too well.

This is music for people who are trying to stand on their own two feet. The fluid rhythm section swells with crisp, sweet melodies, only to slam against the uneasy the walls of panic and static, embodied by the noisy combo of affected vocals and tube-distorted guitar. Meanwhile, the lyrics dance around themes of disillusionment and self-awareness, while still infused with a real push for something, anything better. Their songwriting and performances are urgent and immediate, like an engine that would stall if it ever came to a stop. Rather than give in to the dumb ease of today, the members of The Sea Life trudge on into that good night the only way they know how: rocking your face off.

Janel & Anthony - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Janel & Anthony
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001