Next Up II

OTHERFEELS presents...

Next Up II

Tony Kill, Echelon The Seeker, OG Lullabies, Dawkins, FootsXColes, Sugg Savage

Sat, December 23

Doors: 8:00 pm

9:30 Club

Washington, DC


Tony Kill

The DC-residing sound activist may be most known for his three-year residency with the 9:30 Backbar; Standard Ceremony, a multi-sensory experience blending uptempo grooves and floral arrangements vis à vis local florist Little Shop of Flowers. His informed works span disciplines, from installation to mixed media collage to the Bandcamp-featured Thought Crimes EP, a work that double-dutches in and out of narrative, introspection, lush and desolate tone featuring accompaniment from three of the coasts most-accredited progressive musicians.

His "developed aesthetic" [Deep District, 2015] and layered performances have impressed the likes of Grammy-winning vocalist Julian Casablancas, who dubbed the artist a "wizard" at a private performance in the Union Arts loft in Spring 2014. While carving a niche with performance for traditional and non-traditional synthesizers, his unique methods of bricolage have reached millions of ears through commercial sound design for over a dozen national campaigns.
Echelon The Seeker

Echelon The Seeker is a project about meaning and discovery. The trudging of mind and spirit in the foliage of truth.
OG Lullabies

OG Lullabies is a multi-instrumentalist native to Washington, DC. A virtuoso violinist, composer, producer, and singer songwriter, she merges her multi-talents into a one-woman show; an eclectic fusion and force of self expressice sounds tranformed through technically mastery and fearless musical experimentation.
Dawkins is comprised of five childhood friends (now in college) from Washington, DC. They make dramatic soundscapes that are all at one woozy, beachy, lush, and hypnotic. Incorporating elements of jazz, psych-rock and hip-hop, they strive to make enjoyably distorting music that " hits you in the head like a brick made of delicious candy". Their debut EP was release June 1st, 2017.

"Dawkins new Ep1, a five track proposition in which the architechture of the songs feels slippery and psychadelic, but the elctronic timbers feel vivid and close . - The Washington Post
Foots (drummer) and Coles (production extraordinaire) collaborate to produce and write wavey psychedelic r&b that steps into the future while nodding at the past. Their live performance is a genre-blending mixture of jam, chill wave, dance, soul, and psych rock, an experience guaranteed to make you smile.
Sugg Savage

Sugg Savage was born in San Fransisco, California and raised in Fort Washington, Maryland right outside of Washington DC. She is a singer rapper and guitarist who combines her extremely eclectic musical tastes to create a sound not easily categorized by one genre. Her music is geared towards the uplifting and strengthening of its listeners. Her goal is to combine her spirituality, life experiences, and love for the ever so influential musical attributes of heavenly harmonies, rhythm and dance. She aims to create an intoxicating, undeniable sound that heals and liberates. Along with her own sound, she is also half of a blooming musical female duo from the Washington DC area called Akoko.

Combining her sound with the musical stylings and influences of her best friend and partner Sloane Amelia. Akoko has released two projects (Killer Tofu & Cataraps) and are currently in the process of releasing a third. Sugg Savage is heavily influenced by her spirituality, her African American / West Indian upbringings, musicians from her home town, her love for wolves / dogs, gogo, rock n' roll, jazz, calypso, the blues, 90s dance music, and choral sounds. She can often be associated or seen with a symbol of a wolf. Her goal is to leave the world in a better state, and to positively affect listeners including those surrounding her.
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001