Next Up II


Next Up II

Echelon The Seeker, OG Lullabies, Fielder, FootsXColes, Flash Frequency, Redline Graffiti, Dreamcast

Sat, December 23

Doors: 8:00 pm

9:30 Club

Washington, DC


Echelon The Seeker

Echelon The Seeker is a project about meaning and discovery. The trudging of mind and spirit in the foliage of truth.
OG Lullabies

OG Lullabies is a multi-instrumentalist native to Washington, DC. A virtuoso violinist, composer, producer, and singer songwriter, she merges her multi-talents into a one-woman show; an eclectic fusion and force of self expressice sounds tranformed through technically mastery and fearless musical experimentation.
Foots (drummer) and Coles (production extraordinaire) collaborate to produce and write wavey psychedelic r&b that steps into the future while nodding at the past. Their live performance is a genre-blending mixture of jam, chill wave, dance, soul, and psych rock, an experience guaranteed to make you smile.
Flash Frequency

Kevin Chambers is an American experimental, alternative, hip-hop musician, producer, and visual artist who records primarily under the alias Flash Frequency. He is also the founder of the Soundwave Selection, which is an open platform, educational media hub for artist discussions and live performance in the Washington D.C area.
Redline Graffiti

Redline Graffiti is garage rock mixed with electronica and R&B. Named for a stretch of graffiti art that runs along Washington DC’s oldest public train line, the quartet’s sound has been described several ways by reviewers: “Somewhere between Passion Pit and Frank Ocean (Blisspop)” “Electro-rock newcomers (Dave Malitz, Washington Post)”, and band favorite, “Very cinematic sounding (Alexis Hauk, Washingtonian)”.
Dreamcast has one of smoothest voices in DC. A laid back style all to his own, he makes blissfully zened out soul music with a nod to the funkier days of DC.
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001