The Presets


The Presets

Antwon, Chela, Franki Chan

Sun, November 2

Doors: 7:00 pm

9:30 Club

Washington, DC


The Presets - (Set time: 10:45 PM)
The Presets

With three landmark albums in the last ten years, 2014 sees The Presets refine and focus on singles.

Releasing two singles this year including 'Goodbye Future', their latest single ‘No Fun’ sets The Presets on a nihilist path to techno decadence. Full of irreverent energy, squelching synth-bass, towering melody, and a crushing breakdown, ‘No Fun’ is a joyous and frightening offering.

Clocking up to fifteen singles in the bands history, The Presets are best known for classics such as 'This Boy’s In Love', 'Are You The One?', 'Fall' and the towering, cage rattlling, bonafide anthem of 'My People', whose subject matter on the treatment of asylum seekers is as relevant today as it was when the song was first released in 2007.

Once described as the “music at the crossroads between Heaven and Hell” The Presets are infamous for their massive, blazing live show. The live set boils the essence of The Presets’ studio material into a monster set of beats, synths, and an extra-sensory cavalcade of a light show. It’s taken them all over the globe to festivals such as Coachella, Melt, Splendour in the Grass and Glastonbury plus countless international and domestic tours of their own.

Multi award winners, with everything from ARIAs, APRAs, Smacs, GQs and Triple J’s - The Presets continue to push to the future. In a world first, the latest single ‘No Fun’ comes with a six-sided, interactive music video, allowing you to twist, turn and manipulate your own unique audiovisual experience in real time. They've also put their hand to scoring music for Melbourne based dance company Chunky Move, and earlier this year they toured extensively for “Timeline”, a piece they created in collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

The Presets are currently in the studio creating album number four.
Antwon - (Set time: 9:45 PM)
Antwon is THAT mothafucker... that homey you chill with... the dude on the couch smoking blunts and playing video games... he ain't asked to come over, but it's cool because he brought some cute white gurls wit him and he funny as fuck...
Chela - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Exercising a natural musical finesse from an early age via every avenue from rap breakdowns to high school punk bands, Chelsea May Wheatley emerges as a nu-pop whiz kid with a style all her own.

Stripping away tedious formalities and taking ownership of a longstanding nickname, Chela runs full steam ahead with production capabilities that stem from eager pre-teen experimentation and a defiant musical curiosity, as well as a voice with a lush soul timbre and enviable range.

It was in 2012 that Chela was finally able to bring her youth of playing with sound in Fremantle, Western Australia to a head in the studio. Collaborating with Ben Ely of cult electronic act Regurgitator to produce her first single 'Plastic Gun', Chela's solo career was officially launched with a confidence and individuality that immediately drew attention from some of the industries most noted producers and songwriters.

Quickly making waves in the world of electro-pop and dance, Chela featured on LA producer Goldroom's summer anthem and radio hit 'Fifteen', as well as indie group Clubfeet's single 'Heartbreak'. Reaching number #1 status on charts and Australian national radio playlists with her vocal prowess, Chela's own singles 'Full Moon', 'Guts', and more recently the Zero Mixtape produced by LeBruce (Clubfeet), has continued to reinforce the dawning Chela 'identity'.

Shaving spent time back in the studio to write and produce a debut album, 2013 shaped up to be a big year for Chela. Focusing on touring with a full band (members of Gotye, Clubfeet, Lisa Mitchell and Owl Eyes) and lending her writing mastery to other artists, Chela's track 'Closure', written with Owl Eyes and Styalz Fuego (Wiley, Aston Shuffle), was released as the first single off Owl Eyes debut LP 'Nightswim'.

Her own smash single 'Romanticise', written and produced with friend and renowned dance producer DCUP, and released late last year via Kitsune, is a perfectly constructed pop tune with an infectious hook about deflecting negativity, complete with tropic, bouncing beats and chiming falsetto. It took no time at all to set the blogosphere alight with buzz for Chela, and her follow-up single 'Zero', has been no different.

This is only the start of what's to come from Chela. After stand-out industry showcases at this year's SXSW in Austin and continuing attention from music critics and fashion tastemakers, alongside a plethora of songs waiting to be set loose, it looks like 2014 is the year that everything Chela touches will turn to gold.
Franki Chan - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
In a decade of revivals and reimagination, Franki Chan holds close the ideals and vision that has brought him to the forefront of his craft, seamlessly merging music and art by way of DJing, live events, and illustrations; all of which contribute to creating a pop-renegade aesthetic that defines the energy and unpredictability of the artist himself. This post-digital Renaissance man has created an empire of all the things he loves and is.

As Godfather of IHEARTCOMIX, Franki Chan spends his time refining all aspects of a culture he helped create. For over five years, IHEARTCOMIX has provided markets around the world with some of the most original production concepts to come to fruition, and his personal influence with booking and curating unique lineups further establishes himself as one of the premiere tastemakers around. Developed initially to specify in event production, IHC later evolved into a record label with an interest in introducing the world to some of the best unheard or underground sounds. Artists such as Matt & Kim, Designer Drugs, Toxic Avenger, and HEARTSREVOLUTION all reflect the energy of Chan's personality, and it's his ability to recognize and cultivate this talent that has enabled these artists to grow; helping him to plant the seeds not just for their future, but a whole new generation.

While known for his signature fedora and thick-rimmed glasses, the true testament to Franki Chan's character lies in his illustrations and music. As a child growing up in Bloomington, IN; Chan's affinity for drawing and punk rock led to an explosion across a number of artistic mediums, most of which has been captured through years and years of Polaroids that now occupy an ever growing number of shoeboxes. After spending high school living in Japan, and touring America playing drums for Operation: Cliff Clavin, Chan made the jump to Bellingham, WA. There he took over the reins of the infamous Showoff Gallery before relocating to Seattle where he developed his talents side-by-side, expanding on his growing passion for music of all types and creating a place for it to develop. Whether that meant djing an underground warehouse, illustrating flyers, booking the perfect lineup, or combining all three, Chan has always succeeded in creating some of the best nights ever.

Franki Chan's DIY dedication to shape and evolve culture as it happens continues to be ever present in his work. Today, he resides in Los Angeles where he has established himself as a prominent figure in LA nightlife for almost a decade; with a notable past that includes Fucking Awesome, Cinespace Tuesdays, and the recently returned Check Yo Ponytail series. It is here that Chan works diligently to create the elements of his own modern universe and his most recent projects are a testament to years of hard work and perseverance. While providing a consistent avenue for his newer productions and remixes through a series of mixtapes, Chan does something truly unique by creating original artwork for all his releases, not to mention the incredible flyers for Check Yo Ponytail in which he also resides as resident DJ. As an Electro pioneer, Chan and his taste-making sensibilities have appeared in Spin, Rolling Stone, Dazed & Confused, Pitckfork, and URB to name a few. His ability to discover new and exciting talent has defined Chan's taste as one that you can trust and it is apparent through the legions of successful artists who have performed at any one of Chan's iconic events.

No one may know the true path of their future; those who succeed choose to create one for themselves. In a time where most are afraid to design the template for their success, Franki Chan has created an entire empire that continues to expand and challenge what we think we've all seen or heard. As the future unfolds, prepare for Franki Chan to stay on the frontline again, with innovative concepts to define a sound and aesthetic for the future to catch up with. Just like he always has. Diligence, tenacity, and creative vision are what set DJ and IHEARTCOMIX Records owner Franki Chan apart from the rest. In a decade of revivals and reimagination, Franki Chan holds close the ideals and vision that has brought him to the forefront of his craft, seamlessly merging music and art by way of live performances and comics; all of which contribute to creating a pop-renegade aesthetic that defines the energy and unpredictability of the man himself. This post-digital renaissance artist has created an empire of all the things he loves and is.

Franki Chan has proven to be an iconic fixture amongst the eccentric background of an industry that is ever changing. His signature fedora and thick rimmed glasses have become a regular presence worldwide, with notable appearances at festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, clubs like the legendary Fabric in London, and everywhere in between. His mixing craft and ability to forecast what's next have turned this digital punk version of Clark Kent into an artist that will continue to provide dance floors with the salvation they've been looking for. Franki's endless touring schedule has led him to share the stage with a barrage of talented artists such as Justice, Diplo, Boys Noize, A-Trak, and Drop The Lime to name a few. Beginning with only a single turntable and a cassette deck, Franki's continued dedication to music and its ability to bring people together has certainly breathed new life into shaping the way we listen to and enjoy our nights on the town, especially when it comes to throwing some of the best parties and events in the LA area and beyond. Even if you've never been to a Franki Chan party, the energy and essence of his events have surely impacted the ideology of what it means to throw a memorable event.

In 2009, Franki Chan added producer to his already impressive résumé of cultural and artistic achievements. Franki is currently working on original tracks (debut single out Spring 2010) that will no doubt brings us the best in what we have come to know of his production skill through the several projects he has remixed for other high caliber artists such as Acid Girls, The Toxic Avenger, and The Very Best. Just like his DJ sets, we can expect an onslaught of dynamic, high-energy arrangements, deeply rooted in techno with a more rhythmic and percussive edge. In the meantime, with the success of his contribution to the Scion A/V Mixtape series (IHEARTCOMIX #21), Franki will release a series of new mixtapes that will surely encapsulate the spirit of his live performances.
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001