Nappy Riddem

Rex Riddem Surprise Birthday Bash

Nappy Riddem

Dale and the ZDubs, Lucky Dub, Haile Supreme

Sat, August 16

Doors: 8:00 pm


Nappy Riddem - (Set time: 11:35 PM)
Nappy Riddem
Nappy Riddem brings the familiar rhythms of reggae, hip hop and the Caribbean to new levels of soul, traversing the soundscape with songs of freedom, tribulation, love and happiness. Founded in 2009 by well known vocalist Mustafa Akbar and DJ Rex Riddem, they released thier first album "One World Sovereinty" on the Fort Knox Recordings label in 2011. The debut album received international radio acclaim, was featured by High Times and Okay Player and has been remixed by some of the hottest producers.

Nappy Riddem is a global project and influences can be heard from their backgrounds in Trinidad, Brazil, South Africa, and Europe. All of the members met in Washington, DC and their love for Chocolate City funk is what ties it all together. Nappy Riddem forged their sound in the middle of DC’s vibrant live music scene, playing shows, touring and collaborating with Fort Knox Five and Thunderball. Members of Nappy Riddem can be regularly found performing with Thievery Corporation, See-I, Asheru, Funk Ark and Congo Sanchez, among others.

The Nappy Riddem sound has developed into its own brand of “Dancehall Funk” that moves bodies, hearts and minds. On lead vocals is Mustafa Akbar with his silky soulful voice and engaging presence in front. Rex Riddem plays electric ukulele, percussion and vocals, and Jon Modell is on drums.

The show has a familiar reggae vibe with moments of hip hop, world beat and Philadelphia soul, moving from club bangers like Angle It to songs of social justice like On World Sovereinty. In the tradition of such inspirations as Bob Marley, a live Nappy Riddem show seeks to move bodies, hearts and minds.

Sharpening the sound and the show in just about every major club and venue in the DC area, the band is now heading out for a rigorous national touring schedule. Having hit spots in the mid Atlantic, Texas, California and even Brazil in the past, they are putting together runs in Colorado, the southeast, northeast and the Midwest with plans to return frequently and build a following.

Supported by the Fort Knox record label, they come backed with in house public relations and a seasoned, dedicated promotional machine. Numerous videos and online originals as well as remixes, featured below, give music writers and fans plenty of material to engage with before the band arrives.

Nappy’s new EP “Rock Steady Remixed”, on Fort Knox Recordings, is available for purchase worldwide,and will provide a new wave of excitement and press as the band sets out to unite all people within the Riddem.

In addition to performing as a live band, Nappy Riddem also manifests in the DJ Sets of Rex Riddem, as a trio with live PA vocals and drums, in the Glitch-hop remixes of Jonny Ruzany (drummer Jon Modell) and in collaboration with other EDM artists in DC and around the world .

"Music is music. Anyone can can make music. If you have the people you want to make
music with, then you can make music." (Robert Nesta Marley) - that's one half of this group's philosophy. The other half? "Keep it Nappy".
Dale and the ZDubs - (Set time: 10:30 PM)
Dale and the ZDubs
A fresh rock/reggae vibe is flowing out of Montgomery County, MD, and its name is Dale and the ZDubs. Their songwriting delves into the relationships, dreams, failures, and people that have inspired or slept with the band. DZD’s hard hitting rock tone combined with their reggae groove makes you want to jump up and move yo’ body!  And sometimes Dale takes his clothes off on stage. Hips are gyrating, dreads are flailing, and beer is flowing like wine as vocal harmonies and radical solos from guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums take over the room. Also, show goers  love seeing Dave’s (saxophone) dog, chillin on stage making sure the band is hitting the right notes.  Be on the lookout for performances up and down the East Coast, and check out the sophomore LP HYPERLINK
Lucky Dub - (Set time: 9:25 PM)
Lucky Dub
Lucky Dub is a Washington DC based music collective combining a multitude of genres, stemming from the positive vibes of reggae and funk music a starting point. Hosting members from all over the world, spanning 4 continents, LD's material combines influences of Brazilian, American, African and Latin grooves to name a few. 
Winner of Washington Area Music Awards - Best Reggae Group - 2011, 2012, 2013 
Haile Supreme - (Set time: 8:35 PM)
Haile Supreme is a conduit of ancient vocal techniques. Equipped with a shimmering falsetto, otherworldly vocal effects, and a lush bed of psychedelic tribal arrangements,   Mashing Tricky beats with Justice production and Motown arrangements, Haile Supreme's songs are a temple to smoothness. Aside from Haile Supreme’s project, he also lends his energy and vocals to the burgeoning DC music collective, Congo Sanchez, which is lead by Jeff Franca, drummer of Thievery Corporation. The Congo Sanchez crew has already spread the vibrations during nation-wide tours that spanned from DC to Portland, with over 20 stops in between. Their blend of high-energy outernational dance can infiltrate any dance floor with tribal rhythms and global sounds.
Venue Information:
9:30 Club
815 V St. NW
Washington, DC, 20001