Justine Skye

9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall.

Justine Skye

Ras Nebyu

Sat, June 6

7:00 pm


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Justine Skye - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Justine Skye

Notching two million YouTube views from a single Drake cover, inking a major record label deal, and selling out your very first headlining show – all before the age of 20 – isn't the norm. But then again, many do not posses the same passion and prowess as the purple-haired unicorn, Justine Skye.
Hailing from the do-or-die streets of Brooklyn, New York, Skye wasn’t always the outspoken gal being groomed for the bright lights of fame, but one thing was for certain: she could sing. “I was really, really shy,” Justine recalls.

But a Q&A session at a BMI panel would break her stoop-kid-syndrome, as she unlocked her star potential with a soulful, a capella rendition of Sam Sparro’s hit single “Black and Gold.” Sparking a light bulb-moment for many in the crowd, Skye’s seductive sound was the unparalleled breath of fresh air the industry lacked.
As a result of the young songstress’ serious serenading on the BMI stage, accompanied by a few YouTube videos, the magic of Justine Skye spread like wildfire. In the blink of an eye, the Internet sensation turned-Atlantic Records signee dropped her debut EP Everyday Living last summer, her official introduction to the world at large. Now, the public could put a voice to the flawless chocolate complexion that had become a mainstay on Tumblr dashboards and Instagram favorite pages. Although only 17 years old at the time, Justine’s EP was chock-full of impressively expressive, feel good R&B tracks centered around teenage life.

“I was in love and happy,” Justine says of the project. “It was about me being this carefree teenager and having fun. It was great for me because I had the freedom to explore the young lady I was becoming.”

From boys to brushing off the haters, late nights, and kicking back with her home girls, Everyday Living struck a chord and hit home like a fervent fever pitch, generating her beloved fanbase, #UnicornNation.

Since her debut musical release, the singer’s strides have garnered cosigns from the likes of VIBE and The Fader – who recognize the rising R&B star as a real and raw force to be reckoned with.
After nearly two years of familiarizing the public with the Skye sound, countless studio sessions with the hottest producers and songwriters, and curating the coolest vibes for her next project, the time has finally arrived; the 19-year-old is now ready to unleash more of her Unicorn mystique on the world with Emotionally Unavailable.
Between a trying breakup and the casualties of transitioning from adolescent to young adult, Justine has truly evolved, not only personally but musically, expanding her horizons like never before.

“The biggest difference in this upcoming project compared to Everyday Living is that my sound has really evolved and my voice has gotten stronger. I’m also not in a relationship anymore so I’m riding this women empowerment wave that’s like ‘I don’t need you, keep it pushing’,” she tells.
Mirroring her prized formula of keeping it real, with the trials and triumphs of a teenage girl, Justine divulges her emotional state in the intimate, 7-track project that boasts a new gritty and edgy ambiance, balanced with smooth, honeyed vocals that correlate with Skye’s sweet and sentimental nature.
“I was actually working on my album, but didn’t have a release date and couldn’t fathom keeping the fans waiting. In the end, I got tired of sitting on such great music, and decided to give them a taste of what I had been working on,” she said.
Both fans and listeners alike have already gotten a taste of her forthcoming project with her Tyga-assisted debut single “Collide,” that dons the infamous “Mustard on the beat” drop – a surefire indicator that shit’s about to get real. And it does, as a sexy, more sultry side of Skye is revealed when she croons of love and lust on the mid tempo track. “Love is the biggest emotion of life and we’ve all felt it before, whether we want to admit it or not,” she dishes.
On a grander scale, Justine recreates her ever-evolving emotions for your inspiration and listening pleasure with Emotionally Unavailable. By now, it should be clear that Justine is no stranger to being in tune with her inner-being as she lets loose her youthful wisdom with tales of the inevitable: truth, lies, love and lust, sprinkled with undeniable turn up vibes that showcase her unmatched vulnerability and vocal range.

“I am definitely inspired by ‘90s R&B; it’s in my veins. It’s just about the only thing my Mom played when I was growing up,” she says. “It’s more of a present day twist on it though – the new R&B,” collaborating with some of the industries hottest producers like Rock City and The Insomniacs.
If there was any doubt that Justine Skye’s star power has been unlocked, think again. The new gal on the R&B scene is already solidifying herself as a mainstay, leading the pack with her new groove and “sky is the limit” moniker. Emotionally Unavailable is just the next phase of the magnetic, Purple Unicorn’s musical domination.
Ras Nebyu - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
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U Street Music Hall
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